xConnect-Think of it as MSTSC for ICA

I have been playing around with another app creation while I am building the framework for the mobile management app.  I have shown this to a few people and thought I would share it with everyone   (the whole 3 people that read this blog anyway).  I have yet to see a basic client for directly connecting to a server via ICA that allowed you tweak the settings easily.  Yes you can use the Program Neighborhood but I like the simplicity of this a bit better.

I am building these tools for the community and will be releasing them soon.  In the meantime I would truly love to hear any feedback. Would you would find something like this useful.




When released there will also be a Vista/Win7 gadget to accompany this.

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  1. Nick,

    I’m afraid visionapp Remote Desktop already does this, though not exactly in the same way.

    If you made it portable I’d definitely use it though.



  2. @Jim Moyle

    Jim, Thanks for the response. I do see they have an ICA option within VRD. That being said I am also targetting this to be used in case they bring HDX connect to reality.

    The app will be a single EXE that could be taken anywhere. Obviously you have to have an ICA client installed as it does use the ICO to perform it’s functions.

  3. Hi Nick,

    This is exactly what I have been waiting for! Quick and easy connection to any Citrix XenApp Server. And portable, too. Very nice!

    Thanks in advance for sharing this tool.


  4. Very nice ! I can’t wait to test it 😉

  5. Nice! I also can’t wait to test this.

  6. Nick,

    Have you seen the Smart ICA Client from Virtual Technologies? Obviously a bit more cluttered than your UI, but you might want to check it out for ideas/comparisons.


  7. @Shawn Bass

    Shawn, I had not seen the Smart ICA Client. Took a look and it is the same concept but they seem to be going for the Program Neighborhood full replacement. There are a number of items I have yet to incorporate(but are on the list) and they are there in the Smart ICA Client. My goal was to create something quick and simple but I am now torn whether or not to continue development…..

    At any rate thanks for the info!

  8. Are you going to make this available for download? This look like it would be just what I need to restore the function I miss from PN

  9. Nick,

    This is super cool, will make a review on my blog during this weekend.
    A nice feature would be Recent connection similar to Remote Desktop Conncetion


  10. Nice stuff, like the fact its portable, looking forward to testing it.

  11. This is nice , but I have to endorse the need for a remote desktop connection facilty if possible.

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